The Ensemble Español celebrates Spain in America by presenting and promoting cultural pluralism at the community, state, national, and international levels, and at the annual American Spanish Dance Festival administered by the Ensemble. The company shares a rich history and mission of commitment to inter-American and inter-Hispanic world cultures.

Dame Libby, professor emerita of dance in the music department and dance program, is also the founder and originator of the first academic program and center for Spanish dance in America at Northeastern Illinois University. The Ensemble Español is praised by educators, social agencies, the professional arts world, journalists, and American and Hispanic world governments.


The Ensemble appears in a broad range of television, opera, chamber ensembles, festivals, conventions and symphonic formats, including with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and works in cultural and educational arts programs developed with state, national, and international government agencies. The EE has performed in many venues and theaters in Chicago including the legendary landmark Auditorium Theatre, Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Millennium Park, the Chicago Theater, Athenaeum Theater and the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts. In the U.S., the EE has performed throughout the midwest, New York, Puerto Rico & Hawaii, and has performed on four continents in the countries of Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland, Australia, and most recently China, following the 2008 Olympics.

An extraordinary repertoire of over 125 works (Spanish ballets, traditional
Folkloric suites and Flamenco dramas) exemplifies the Ensemble's dedication

Present company of 17 dancers performing Dame Libby's Zapateado.

to its cultural and artistic mission.