Past Guest Artists 40th Anniversary Celebration 2015-16

Flamenco Guitarists

Flamenco Festival


Classical Singers

Paco Juanas
Luis Primitivo
Pedro Cortes
Greg Wolfe
Paco Fonta
Jacco Mueller
Hector Fernández
Las Guitarras de España
Carlo Basile
Tom Kimball
Trevor May
David Chiriboga
Pansequito hijo
Antonio Gabarri Jimenez
Diego Alonso

William Schutt
Jan Bobek
Michael J. Gadzinski
Lyon Leifer
Zoran Stoyanovich

Esperanza Ferandez
Paco Fernandez
Miguel Vargas
Soledad Barrio
Noche Flamenca
Belen Maya

Phyllis Hurt
Paco Alonso
Luis Gálvez


Shannon Heaton
Cynthia Aguirre
Sylvia Myintoo

Thank you to all of our past, local, national and international, guest artists who have been a part of the Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater programs, concerts, tours and festivals over the past three decades and have contributed to our Company and Center's continued success. íGracias!
This historic photo collection was first presented with all of the Ensemble Espanol's guest Flamenco artists as part of the
2004 Chicago Flamenco Festival at the Instituto Cervantes at the John Hancock center.

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