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Abigail Mosquera

How has it felt to return to in-person rehearsals and technique classes?
I remember being so nervous to return to in-person rehearsals. I was worried about my technique, how I looked, and how much I have changed as a dancer since the pandemic began. But as soon as I began in-person rehearsals and technique classes I constantly had to remind myself to be patient because I was doing my best and that was all that mattered. I feel very lucky to be able to train and take technique classes with Wendy. She has taught me so much and has shown us a different way to approach flamenco and dance. Every time I enter the studio I come in very tired but as soon as I walk onto the dance floor all of my stress, worries, tiredness, and anxieties go away. I am very grateful for Ensemble and the opportunity they have given us to continue training.

How do you feel about having the opportunity to perform again?
I feel beyond grateful and appreciative to have the opportunity to perform again. I am so excited to be able to share my love and passion for flamenco once again with the audience. I always say that there is no greater feeling than the feeling I get when I am performing on stage. I have missed that feeling and I am really looking forward to performing once again.

What is a message or motto you’d like to share with the world after this challenging year?
I think something I would like to share with the world after this challenging year is to be kind and patient with yourself. You may not be where you used to be but you are somewhere new and you’re trying to best and that is all that really matters. Something else I learned was not take anything for granted because at any moment it could be taken away.

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