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Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’

Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’ nace en Huelva en 1985. Aprendió las bases del flamenco de su padre “El Choro”. Amplía…


Jesús Corbacho Vázquez

JESÚS CORBACHO VÁZQUEZ, cantaor payo, mas conocido en este mundo del cante flamenco con su propio nombre artístico de JESÚS…


Gala Vivancos

Gala Vivancos (Barcelona, ​​1970). Trained in classical dance and Spanish dance, she is presented as a required figure on stages…


Lola Greco

The trajectory of Lola Greco (Madrid, 1964), outstanding personality in the history of Spanish dance, remains attached to two major companies in the country: the National Ballet of Spain and his father’s, Jose Greco. In the first group entered after going…


José Greco II

Carrying on a great family tradition, José Greco II was born in Madrid to the legendary flamenco dancer José Greco….


Raquel Gómez

She began studying dance at the age of three in the school of his parents, also dancers, Raquel Rodríguez and…


Pol Vaquero

Pol Vaquero was born in Cordoba, Spain  and began his formal studies at the Royal Conservatory of Cordoba. He was…


Nino de los Reyes

Nino de los Reyes began his career at the young age of nine in the show Campanas Flamencas, directed by Paco…


David Chiriboga

David Chiriboga. With origins from Ecuador, David was raised in Chicago and has been playing the guitar since his early…


Patricia Ortega

Patricia Ortega, Flamenco Singer, has Mexican/Cuban musical roots, which contributed greatlyto her interest in ethnic music studies and performance. She…

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