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The Ensemble Español has the potential to raise $1.5 million dollars in the next three years, and we can do it with your help! The Caerus Foundation Growth Grant has awarded $500,000 to the Ensemble with the challenge to raise an additional $500,000 in the next three years. Once that goal is reached, the Ensemble will be rewarded with a final $500,000, for a total of $1.5 million!

Only $36,000 to go! Help us reach our goal!


Your donation supports initiatives such as:

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Thanks to you we fulfill our mission to preserve, promote, and present the Flamenco, folkloric, classical and contemporary dance and music traditions of Spain.

We remain the premier center for the study of Spanish dance in the United States, and we ensure that this art form remains accessible to everyone.

Your support reinforces this mission. You’ve helped us for the last 40 years and we thank you. Be a part of our future.




If you are a new donor, 100% of your donation is matched by the Caerus Foundation, Inc. For instance, if you give a first-time gift of $200 this season, your donation will be matched at $200, and the Ensemble Español receives $400.


If you gave a gift to Ensemble Español last season and decide to renew and increase your support, your gift is matched by the difference between last year and this year.

For instance, if you gave $500 last season and increase your gift to $1,000 this season, the additional $500 is matched at 100%, making this gift worth $1,500!


If you have donated to Ensemble Español in the past, but missed the past three seasons, the full amount of your gift is eligible. For instance, if you donate $500, your donation will be matched 100% by the Growth Grant, contributing $500. Ensemble Español receives $1,000!




Endowment Programs

Zelda Kolber Senior Program

Estate Giving Program

Silver Concert Membership

For more information please contact Josephine DiCesare, Director of Operations and Finance, at 773.442.5916 or Josephine@EnsembleEspanol.org

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