Ensemble Español

¡Bailamos! Residencies

These arts education residencies provide an intensive course in dance movement and expression, and emphasize Spain’s singular role in dance.

Drawing on the Spanish sensibility, where dance and music are integrated into everyday life, students learn the three styles of Spanish dance, where they are practiced, how they are used for celebration, reflect a community’s character, and why dance and music are significant to the artistic fabric of all cultures.

The curriculum focuses on Spanish dance technique, using movement as a means for personal expression, along with essential instruction in personal health, well-being, teamwork, and creative exploration.

These residencies are suitable for kindergarten through high school levels, and are typically based on an eight week schedule.

For more information contact:

Kim Grigsby, Development Manager: kim@ensembleespanol.org / (773) 620-6046

Ensemble Español: info@ensembleespanol.org / (773) 442-5901





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