Ensemble Español

The Rose Society are a group of friends that have come together to support Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater and introduce new friends to this wonderful artform.

Rose Society members honor the memory of Dame Libby Komaiko by continuing her life’s passion work by supporting Spanish Dance. By joining the Rose Society, you will help us grow the numbers of friends and supporters of our club. Entry into the club is $250 annually. 12 Rose Society Hosters will sponsor events at their homes where we will have a chance to invite friends to learn more about Ensemble Español.

Each event will be as unique as its sponsor and will feature Spanish Dance.  Everyone who participates in the Rose Society will have their name listed in our upcoming ASDM Festival program booklet as a member of the Rose Society donor, you’ll be given 4 VIP tickets and a signed poster from the company. Ensemble will host a yearly event exclusively for the Rose Society members and it promises not to disappoint. Please consider a gift of $250 this year to join the Rose Society in support of Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater.


For more information on our donor programs and sponsorships and how you can help, please contact Kimberly Grigsby, Development Manager for Ensemble Español at (773) 620-6046or Kim@EnsembleEspanol.org

5500 N. St. Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625. (773) 442.5901

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