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Patron of the Performing Arts Sponsorship
By Invitation Only and in Partnership with Northeastern Illinois University.

This specially-designed sponsorship includes access to both the Ensemble Español and Northeastern Illinois University’s Jewel Box Concert Series and Stage Center Theatre programs. Granted by the Ensemble Español and Northeastern, sponsors receive significant level of marketing opportunities, as well as exclusive rights to this name over a two-season period. Sponsors gain access to a wide range of Ensemble Español and Northeastern stakeholders, as well as special events with students, faculty, and staff of both entities.

Spanish Dance Master Sponsorship
Open to Corporations and Individual Donors
Two Season Relationship – $500,000

Enhanced access to Ensemble Español marketing and promotional opportunities, as well as exclusive presenting name rights to upcoming seasons are part of the benefits awarded to this sponsorship. Spanish Dance Master Sponsors have a commitment to culturally specific art, artistic training programs, and cultural exchange. Press releases, social media recognition, purposefully messaged films, thanking sponsor stakeholders are all part of this partnership.

The Heritage Sponsor
Open to Corporations and Individual Donors
Two Season Relationship – $150,000

For those who wish to support cultural history and exchange, this sponsorship solely supports the Ensemble Español’s American Spanish Dance and Music Festival, which is annually presented. This two-week event is the largest program produced by the Ensemble Español, and receives focused local, national, and international marketing and media attention. Festival activities include concerts, VIP events, donor receptions, classes, workshops and other programs. Featured guests include international master artists, musicians, singers, choreographers, and dancers. New works and premieres are often part of this event, and sponsors receive invitations to all events. Sponsors also receive prominent name placement in printed and electronic promotional material, highlighted inclusion in social media campaigns, and the company’s website. Sponsors at this level have the potential of having their name associated with a new choreography.

La Dama Sponsor
Open to Corporations and Individual Donors
Two Season Sponsorship – $100,000

In tribute to the company’s founder, Dame Libby Komaiko, the La Dama Sponsor directly contributes to strengthening the Ensemble Español’s organizational needs. This includes support for community impact programs, professional development for artistic and administrative teams, equipment, and tourin g support. The significance of this sponsorship rests in its ability to smoothly continue Dame Komaiko’ slegacy, who received the prestigious Ribbon of the Dame by the Spanish royal court and government forher work in advancing Spanish dance and music traditions in the United States. Sponsors receive the La Dama award, which is given at upcoming galas, as well as many other benefits.

I Will Sponsor
Open to Corporations and Individual Donors
Two Season Sponsorship ~ $100,000

Named for the Chicago motto that was adopted after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the I Will sponsorship celebrates the deep connection between the Ensemble Español and its hometown, reflecting th e community-driven work ethic for which Chicago is known. Sponsors at this level contribute to the company’s community engagement programs. These programs concentrate on partnerships with social service organizations, neighborhood groups, and community projects that provide artistic opportunities for underserved populations. Sponsors receive special recognition on all promotional material related tothese programs, special press releases and announcements, as well as website and social media acknowledgement.

Paso a Paso Arts Education Sponsor
Open to Corporations and Individual Donors
Three Year Relationship – $75,000

The Paso a Paso (Step by Step) Sponsorship makes an important commitment to school children throughout the Chicago region and the U.S, as the program provides easy access to arts education activities. Likewise, parents, educators, and community groups are able to provide artistic opportunities within their communities by working with the Ensemble Español on what section of the program meets their needs. Currently, the Ensemble Español reaches 30,000 students per year, and it is widely praised for its comprehensive approach to integrating art into a child’s life. Sponsors of this program receive recognition on all promotional material, including recital programs, t-shirts, and special social media and eblast acknowledgements.

Aspiring Artist Sponsor
Open to Corporations and Individual Donors
Two Season Relationship – $50,000

Sponsors of the Aspiring Artist program wholly support the Ensemble Español Youth Company, a pre-professional training academy for the serious and young dancer. This program, which now includes two divisions of young artists, provides special opportunities for those sponsors who wish to further children and youth programs. Sponsors receive tickets to Youth Company events and performances, and are significantly featured in all promotional material. This also includes highlighted recognition during the Our Chance to Dance Youth Festival, which invites many Chicago-based youth dancers to Northeastern Illinois University studios to train together and perform. This funding program is an excellent way to participate with the Ensemble Español, particularly if potential sponsors wish to build a future for young artists, as they pursue a professional, creative life.



Members of these funding circles must indicate to which programs they wish to dedicate their donations. All donations are directed for general operating costs, except where noted. Membership is designated for a single performance season, and they are open to corporations, businesses, and individual donors.
Members receive advance notice of ticket sales, ticket discounts, name listing on designated printed and
electronic promotional material, and are invited to exclusive events.

Cohort 10K Small Businesses Circle $1,000 minimum donation
The Ensemble Español’s auspicious standing as a graduate of the Goldman Sachs’ 10K Small Businesses  Program has led to a remarkable array of opportunities and new stakeholders. This funding circle is open to all small businesses that wish to support their arts community. Business donors receive a special a link on the company’s partner page, and become part of our Giving Day program in February.

The Scholar’s Circle $500 minimum donation
To strengthen the educational opportunities of professional dancers who are attending Northeastern Illinois University, the Scholar’s Circle provides support to higher education tuition and fees. Here, professional dancers are able to receive financial help toward a four-year degree through the company’s established endowments. Donors to these educational funds receive special recognition at the organization’s gala, festival, and are recognized at all related Northeastern Illinois University and Ensemble Español events.

Duende Circle $350 minimum donation
The Duende funding circle pays homage to the Latin/x community’s invaluable support of the Ensemble Español. Individuals from all across the Americas have consistently provided guidance, talent, collaboration, and partnerships with the company, and the Ensemble Español wishes to ensure that this connection remains strong, and part of the company’s ongoing dedication to presenting artistic work with cultural integrity. Members of this circle receive invitations to special events, social media recognition, and can visit an open rehearsal with guest artists from Spain and the Americas.

HeART and Soul Circle $250 minimum donation
Art lovers can make their commitment widely known by giving to this funding circle. Chicago audiences and residents are widely praised for their enthusiastic participation in artistic and cultural events, and for incorporating its artistic community in everyday life. For those who wish to make sure that art is accessible for all of the city’s citizens and visitors, this is an ideal area to show that sense of civic pride. Donors receive discounts to the holiday and festival concerts, invitations to open rehearsals, and are invited to our annual Donor Appreciation Event.

Pueblo Circle $100 minimum donation
As is often said at the Ensemble Español, “It takes a pueblo!,” and individuals are welcome to join our community and take part in special events, meet our artists and staff, and learn more about Spanish dance and culture. Contributors receive a discount to the company’s holiday concerts, and are invited on a private tour of the studios and visit to an open rehearsals. Come join our family!


5500 N. St. Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625. (773) 442.5901

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