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Ana González

Dancer / Choreographer

About Ana González

Ana González, dancer, teacher and historian of Spanish dance.

She began her classical ballet studies at age 8 at the ballet school of the Opera de Paris, in France. At 15 years old, and during a stay in Spain, she meets Antonio Ruiz Soler and collaborates in his company during a tour around the USSR. On her return she is admitted by "Les Ballets Russe de Montecarlo" where she dances for a whole season.

She returns to Antonio's Spanish Ballet and expands her knowledge of Spanish Dance with professors Karen Taft, José Granero, Paco Fernández, Ciro, Victoria Eugenia, etc.

She is a founding member of the National Ballet Festivals of Spain under the direction of Alberto Lorca (1973-1976). In 1978 she auditions for the National Ballet of Spain and is part of the staff as First Dancer under the different artistic directions: Antonio Gades, Antonio Ruiz Soler, Maria de Avila, José Antonio and the triumvirate Aurora Pons, Nana Lorca and Victoria Eugenia

Following an important injury that forces her to stop dancing, she turns to teaching and research on Spanish dance, which is why it is required by Northeastern University of Chicago to give lectures on the history of Spanish dance. Also the I.U.D. Alicia Alonso from the U.R.J.C. requests her to teach repertoire classes in Spanish dance.

5500 N. St. Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625. (773) 442.5901

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