Ensemble Español
Ángel Rojas

Dancer / Choreographer

About Ángel Rojas

Dancer, choreographer and flamenco director, Ángel Rojas (Madrid, 1974) is presented as one of the most outstanding in the current panorama of this art.

His artistic career has been linked for many years to Carlos Rodríguez, with whom he directs the company Nuevo Ballet Español since 1995. And with him he has signed most of the works premiered.

Ángel Rojas made his professional debut at the age of sixteen and in his beginnings he toured with the Ballet Teatro Español de Luisillo and Ballet Teatro Español by Rafael Aguilar. The Flamenco Ballet Antonio Canales also appears in the curriculum of this young creator, where he participated in the assemblies A ti Carmen Amaya y Torero. Canela y fuego (1996), Sangre flamenca (1997), Flamenco directo (1998), Furia (2000), Alma (2006), show with which the company celebrated ten years of existence, and Sangre (2008). In 2008 they changed the name of their entity to become known as "Rojas and Rodríguez" and premiered the show Baile de mascaras, commissioned by the Community of Madrid in commemoration of the Bicentennial of the War of Independence, with original music by José Nieto and Daniel Jurado. In 2005, Ángel Rojas received, together with Carlos Rodríguez, the Villa de Madrid Pilar López Award for the best dance performer.

Ángel with Carlos Rodríguez choreographed "Iroko" (2016) and "DeFalla, Out of the Box" (2017) for Ensemble Español.

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