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Carmela Greco

Dancer / Choreographer

About Carmela Greco

Carmela Greco, Flamenco dancer. Daughter of the famous dancer José Greco, started her dance studies at the age of 11.

Since 1972 in the "Ballet Antología" until now, has not stopped going through scenarios, countries, companies and own works. From the company of Luisillo to José Greco, his father, passing through the companies of Mario Maya, Marco Berriel or his brother José Greco.

She has traveled around innumerable places like France, the Middle East, Naples, New York, Mexico, Miami or Japan.

In 1995, she choreographed "Obscuro" for Lola Greco, her sister and in 1999 she appears with her in one of the most important galas in Naples and La Versiliana.

Carmela is currently a teacher at the Amor de Dios Spanish Flamenco and Dance Center.

5500 N. St. Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625. (773) 442.5901

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