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Danielle LaFrancis

Administrative Assistant


About Danielle LaFrancis

Danielle has a 20+ year career working for BP.  During that time span, Danielle supported the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for BP and his team of Directors for 10 years, before transferring to other high-level teams within the organization. Danielle’s focus at BP included project management, meeting and event planning, and running the daily office operations. Danielle also led the BP and JA Technology Day Events, in partnership with JA and Accenture. Even after leaving BP in 2016, Danielle continued to lead the Technology Day events for BP until 2018.

In early 2016, Danielle began supporting small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other clients virtually, providing an array of virtual services. Danielle also manages her full-time ecommerce businesses with eBay and Poshmark, which she has been running for 16 years.

Danielle lives in the southwestern suburbs with her husband and three daughters.

5500 N. St. Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625. (773) 442.5901

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