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Irene Sivianes Fernández

Arts Education and Outreach Director


(773) 442-5930

About Irene Sivianes Fernández

Irene Sivianes Fernández was born and raised in Seville, Spain. She started dancing ballet and flamenco at the age of seven at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Sevilla. At the age of ten, she first performed as a youth dancer with the Munich Opera Ballet, at Maestranza Theater.

Throughout her career, Irene has studied under many famed dancers including Matilde Coral, Milagros Menjíbar, Rocio Coral, Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya “Farruquito”, Rafael Campallo and Luisa Palicio. She has performed internationally with companies including Ballet de Cámara de Madrid, the Romero Group in New York and, the Flamenco and Punto Festival in Peru, and Teatro Sea Sueño in NY, DC and Puerto Rico.

She graduated with a degree in Ballet Pedagogy from IUD Alicia Alonso, and earned her Master in Cultural Project Management at Rey Juan Carlos University in 2012, Madrid. In 2015, she moved to NY to study at Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.

Irene is a Company Dancer since 2021.

5500 N. St. Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625. (773) 442.5901

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