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Juan Mata

Dancer / Choreographer

About Juan Mata

Juan Mata, outstanding figure of Spanish dance from Granada, Spain.

Dancer, teacher and director of Spanish dance, Juan Mata contains a solid career inside and outside Spain. He began studying at age 6 with teachers such as Yoscue, Dimitri, Mercedes and Albano, Pedro Azorín, Juanjo Linares and José Granero. And with 14 he made his debut as a professional in the company of José Greco, at the Royal Festival in London. With this company, he toured the United States and Europe playing solo roles.

He got a scholarship to study at the Harkness Ballet, where he would later return to expand his studies in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. Also performed with the Spanish dance companies of Pilar López, María Rosa, Luisillo, Mariemma and the Ballet Antología,  standing out as soloist and first dancer.

The dancer wanted to form his own company with maestro Ciro and the first dancer Ana González. With this group he toured Europe again highlighting the Stuttgart Festival and programs of the British BBC. Founding member of the National Ballet Festivales de España, under the direction of Alberto Lorca, Juan Mata has developed a good part of his career in the National Ballet of Spain. He arrived with its foundation in 1978, claimed by his first director Antonio Gades. And he remained in the National Ballet until his retirement, having interpreted the main roles of the repertoire of this company. "Bodas de sangre", "El sombrero de tres picos", "Medea" or "Ritmos" are some examples.

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