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Juanjo Linares

Dancer / Choreographer

About Juanjo Linares

Juanjo Linares (Ordes, A Coruña, 1933 - Madrid, 2009) dancer, choreographer and legend of Spanish folklore. 

Juanjo Linares is presented as one of the most respected and outstanding in the history of folklore in Spain. His career, recognized with important awards such as the Silver Medal of the Fine Arts, the Gold Award of the City Council of Ordes and Lisbon, remains linked to a large part of the history of Spanish folklore, contributing to its conservation and dissemination.

Juanjo Linares studied Spanish and flamenco dance, traditional Andalusian dance and folklore. He has been the first dancer and director of numerous groups such as the Spanish Ballet of Rosario, the Spanish Ballet of María Rosa, the Antonia Moreno Company and the Pilar de Oro Ballet and Alfredo Gil, among others.

On the other hand, Linares also founded his own groupings. Some were the National Dance Group of Madrid, the Galician Ballet of La Coruña, and various groups with the name of `Seeds of Art...' in various Spanish cities.

As a creator, Juanjo Linares developed a vast repertoire performed by companies such as Ballet de Paco Ruiz, the National Ballet of Spain, the Ballet of Antonio Gades and the Company of José Greco.

In his restless spirit and under the profile of researcher who characterized him, Juan José Linares has also participated in congresses on Spanish folklore and signs various publications. Among them are the books The costume in Toledo, The dance in Madrid and province and Study on Spanish costume and dance, and numerous research. He died in Madrid, on November 16, 2009.

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