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The trajectory of Lola Greco (Madrid, 1964)outstanding personality in the history of Spanish danceremains attached to two major companies in the countrythe National Ballet of Spain and his father'sJose GrecoIn the first group entered after going through your school, rising to principal dancer in 1983During that time, Lola played featured roles in works such as Laberinto by Jose Antonio and Los Tarantos by Felipe SanchezIn the early 90'sLola Greco returned to the National Ballet of Spain as a guest dancer, working in works such as Romance de la luna, by Jose Antonio RuizAlegrías de la Lola, created by Dora Carpio, and La Gitanilla by Granero. Between her first and second stage of the National Ballet, the dancer worked in the company of his father, Jose Greco, making this group an extensive U.S. tour, and dancing at important stages. As choreographer signature Lola Greco several jobs as mounting Latido, created with his brother José Greco, and creative collaboration as guest dancer Antonio Pasión y ley by `El Pipa 'and El velero de las rosas (2008) alongside Romero Joselillo. One of her last roles was that of Fedra (2009)in the assembly of the same name by Miguel Narros, choreographed by Javier LatorreLola Greco received the 2009 National Dance Award in the category of interpretation.

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