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Manuel Palacin


About Manuel Palacin

Manuel Palacin was born in San Miguel de Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. He began singing at the age of five. In 1968 he sang in the Jueves Flamencos organized in Jerez by Manuel Morao where many great Flamenco artists have made their debut. In 1969 he arrived in Madrid for the first time singing in the national contest of Villancicos (holiday songs). In 1972 he performed throughout Madrid in all of the major tablaos including the Torres Bermejas, Las Brujas, Corral de la Moreria, Coral de la Pacheca, Los Canasteros, and Venta del Gato. From 1979 to 1981 he performed in Mexico. Throughout his long career he has worked with many great artists and companies including Manuel Vargas, Merche Esmeralda, Eva la Yerbabuena, Sara Lezana, Blanca del Rey, Juan Mata, Jose, Carmela and Lola Greco, Manolete, Ciro, Joaquin Cortes, Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre, Javier Baron and in the companies of Ballet Conchita del Mar, Ballet Siluetas, Compañia de Fernando Belmonte, Ballet de Rafael Aguilar, Jose Antonio, Ensemble Español, los Ballets Españoles, Ballet Region de Murcia, and the Ballet Nacional de España performing in five continents. Manuel is also a master teacher, presenting courses and special classes on the Flamenco Cante.

5500 N. St. Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625. (773) 442.5901

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