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About Pol Vaquero

Pol Vaquero was born in Cordoba, Spain  and began his formal studies at the Royal Conservatory of Cordoba. He was trained in different styles of dance such as classical dance, contemporary, Española and flamenco. His professional performance begin in 1996,  he was performing at the Antonio Canales Company as the titular role of the bull in “Torero”. In 1998 he began performing with National Ballet of Spain as a soloist. The following year Mr. Vaquero went on an extensive tour with the Vicente Amigo Company. The tour went to various regions around the world, including Japan, Portugal, Israel and Spain. In 2000 Mr. Vaquero joined the Juaquin Grilo Company, later rejoining the Antonio Canales company from 2001 through 2003 to perform as soloist once again. Following his time at the Antonio Canales company, from 2004 to 2006,  he was went back to National Ballet of Spain as a soloist and first dancer under the direction of Jose Antonio. By 2007 Mr. Vaquero had created his own show in Barcelona called “Antojo.” The show is a part of the “Young Project XXI Century” and was performed at the prestigious tablao “El Cordobes” with Amador Rojas, Rocio Molina, and Monica Fernandez as performers. Mr. Vaquero were invited to be part of the Brazilian dance company “Arrieritos” for a new production project.  He toured in cities around Brazil through 2008.

Mr. Vaquero taught master classes and courses throughout the world, in places such as New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and among other countries. Mr. Vaquero has participated in different areas of media, including, television programs and music awards shows under the direction of “Marco Berriel.”  He also collaborated on the video clip “Corazon Partio” with  Aljandro Sanz.  He was invited from one of the most important Spanish fashion designers, Francis Montesinos.  He collaborated with Daniel Navarro and music by Vicente Amigo to released on June 20, 2009. In 2010 the show “Cayetana su Passion” premiered and MR. Vaquero was featured as bith a choreographer and as soloist.  He toured throughout the Spain with the show.  He also participated as a guest artist with Pedro Ojest,  a concert pianist.  From 2011 though 2014 Mr. Vaquero continued to work as a guest artist in different companies and with his own company.  Collaborations he has participated in include Titanium Company, “Rojas y Rodriguez”, “El Arte pore Delante” with Anguel Rojas, La Lupi and Antoni Canales.  Mr. Vaquero is currently a teacher at the Flamenco University “Uflamenco” in Madrid.

5500 N. St. Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625. (773) 442.5901

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