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About Vanesa Aibar

Born in Villanueva del Arzobispo, province of Jaén, the dancer and choreographer Vanesa Aibar began in the world of dance in her homeland at the age of 8, completing her training at the Professional Conservatory 'Reina Sofía' in Granada, where she has the title of Spanish Dance and Flamenco.

In 2005, she entered the Andalusian Dance Center of Seville where she expanded his training with teachers of all specialties, including José Granero, Matilde Coral, Antonio Canales, Belén Maya, Andrés Marín, Isabel Bayón, Rafael Campallo or Rafael Estévez , among others.

In February 2019, she premiered his first solo show, Sierpe, and took part in the “Luminescence” show led by the Iraqi-American jazz trumpeter Amir Elsaffar, a project taken to the VII Flamenco Biennale and in co-production with the Royaumont Foundation. In addition, she has another Flemish piece, Liminal, in which Rafael Rodríguez accompanies her on guitar and Alfredo Lagos on cante.

She has been part of important companies in projects such as “Santas de Zurbarán: Persuasion and Devotion” with Eva Yerbabuena, “Don Juan” in the New Spanish Ballet or “Poet in New York” with Blanca Li, in which they also participated, as guest artists, cantaora Carmen Linares and Andrés Marín, among others.

However, we must also highlight the participation as a solo dancer in the shows “Encuentro” of the company of Carmen Linares, held at Los Veranos dela Villa, the Guitar Festival of Córdoba and the Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla, and the show “Verso a Verso” at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid, the XXI I Gira Flamenca del Norte and the 52nd Flamenco Festival Dance of Almeria 2018.

Together with Mayte Martín and the Royal Concertgebouw, she participated in the show “Amor Brujo” held in Amsterdam, within the Interm ezzo Flamenco of the Biennial of Holland and, under the direction and interpretation of Juan Carlos Lérida, was part of the show “Constant ”Held at the Moscow House of Music. Other collaborations to highlight are "Woman Kloric" with guitarist José Manuel León and Alicia Carrasco, "Suites de Bach" with Cello by Beatriz González Calderón and "Arpa Jonda" by Ana Crismán.

Vanesa Aibar has starred in the show ‘Eviscer Arte’ at the Flamenco Festival in Chicago, Lotus World Music and Arts Festival in Bloomintgon and at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.
As a choreographer, she has collaborated with the Danza Mobile Company of Seville, creating and performing the piece “El Espejo” for two dancers, awarded in the III Choreographic Contest of the District of Tetuán in Madrid, in the category of “Best choreography of flamenco ”and“ Outstanding dancer ”and“ La Muela Silvestre Creation Space ”Award.

In 2015, the temporary adaptation of the play “La Gitanilla” by Cervantes, performed by the Cervantina Society, under the direction of Sonia Sebastián and dramaturgy by María Velasco, is choreographed.
In 2017, the XVI Flamenco Contest of Madrid granted the first prize of Choreography of Solo to the piece “Woman in Blue” of her creation, with which she obtained an Artistic Residence in the Choreographic Center of La Gomera and which is integrated into of "Sierpe".

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